Rinse, Spin, Repeat

By Edie Fassnidge

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A graphic novel about my experience of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004

Publication date: June 2016
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About the book

Rinse, Spin, Repeat is a graphic memoir about my experience of surviving the tsunami that struck ten years ago - a day that changed my life forever.

In 2004, I set off on a once in a lifetime round-the-world trip with my boyfriend Matt. We had a wonderful time, but I missed my family, and was overjoyed when my mum and sister came out to meet us in Thailand. We spent a lovely Christmas Day together.

On Boxing Day we all set off for a day of kayaking. We were out in the ocean when I spotted something moving on the horizon. Seconds later the the first wave struck. I was separated from my family and battled for hours to get to safety, hanging on to the hope that I wasn’t the only one of us to have survived.

I use simple illustrations and concise text to unfold my experience of the devastating tsunami, and my thoughts and feelings through the confusion of the following hours and days when I was faced with pain, death and uncertainty. In the final chapter I reflect on the impact that the tsunami has had on my life over the last ten years.

Rinse, Spin, Repeat will capture the heart of anyone who has wondered how it’s possible to keep going when everything around you crumbles.

I will be donating 10% of my profits towards Music for Alice, a charity which funds groups and organisations to purchase musical instruments and equipment so that they can improve lives through music. Music for Alice focusses on organisations that support young people and those that use music for health or rehabilitation benefits. Every penny we receive is used to fund instruments that make a real difference to people’s lives.


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