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A graphic novel about my experience of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004

Rinse, Spin, Repeat is a graphic memoir about my experience of surviving the tsunami that struck ten years ago - a day that changed my life forever.

In 2004, I set off on a once in a lifetime round-the-world trip with my boyfriend Matt. We had a wonderful time, but I missed my family, and was overjoyed when my mum and sister came out to meet us in Thailand. We spent a lovely Christmas Day together.

On Boxing Day we all set off for a day of kayaking. We were out in the ocean when I spotted something moving on the horizon. Seconds later the the first wave struck. I was separated from my family and battled for hours to get to safety, hanging on to the hope that I wasn’t the only one of us to have survived.

I use simple illustrations and concise text to unfold my experience of the devastating tsunami, and my thoughts and feelings through the confusion of the following hours and days when I was faced with pain, death and uncertainty. In the final chapter I reflect on the impact that the tsunami has had on my life over the last ten years.

Rinse, Spin, Repeat will capture the heart of anyone who has wondered how it’s possible to keep going when everything around you crumbles.

I will be donating 10% of my profits towards Music for Alice, a charity which funds groups and organisations to purchase musical instruments and equipment so that they can improve lives through music. Music for Alice focusses on organisations that support young people and those that use music for health or rehabilitation benefits. Every penny we receive is used to fund instruments that make a real difference to people’s lives.

I grew up in Yorkshire and studied Sociology at Durham University and teaching at Goldsmiths College in London. My early career was in teaching, and I’ve been working in corporate responsibility off and on for seven years. I’m most passionate about work when I apply my personal experiences. I set up Music for Alice, a charity in memory of my sister in 2006 with Matt and two friends. I also volunteer for Disaster Action, a charity which supports bereaved and survivors of major disasters. I recently qualified as a personal trainer and am studying sport and remedial massage therapy. My experience of the tsunami has empowered me to tackle some incredible adventures including competing for the Great Britain age group triathlon team, cycling the length of Great Britain and swimming across the English Channel in a relay team. London is home where I live with my wondrous husband Matt and adorable dog Curtis Mayfield. Rinse, Spin, Repeat is my first book.

Rinse, Spin, Repeat is in the post!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hi everyone, 

I'm bursting with excitement at the news that Rinse, Spin, Repeat has been published! Your copy is in the post and will be with you shortly. 

You helped make this happen and I'd like to offer a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for your support, belief, patience and encouragement.

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. There was the excitement at opening…

It's in!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hi everyone, 

I’ve handed it over. 112 ish A3 paper pages of drawings and 112 ish tracing paper pages of text.

That morning I felt like I was about to do my GCSEs + A levels + university finals all in one. I was so ridiculously nervous.

My timing and route choice to get to the unbound office were not so great. I had to navigate carefully through hundreds of tourists and several selfie sticks…

A little update

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since my last post, and life has changed immeasurably since then with the birth of our beautiful baby girl Posy Alice Hope. 

I'm back drawing again, however unfortunately the publication of the book has been delayed, just by a few months to Spring 2016. I really am sorry about this and thank you for your patience; I'm mindful as ever that it is only because of…

It feels GREAT to be drawing again!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A long overdue update to all you brilliant brilliant people who are supporting my journey to become a published author!

I'm now busy working on the final version of the book and am absolutely loving spending part of my week engrossed in sketching and colouring again. It feels like I've come a long long way from this time last year when Rinse, Spin, Repeat first started taking shape as a graphic…

As the ten year anniversary approaches

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The first thing I want to say in my first blog post is a massive great big THANK YOU to all of you for pledging and for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm. I am delighted to say that Rinse, Spin, Repeat is now just over 2/3 funded (67%) and I have been truly overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. 

In the lead up to the ten year anniversary of the tsunami next week I've been involved in a…

Atsuko Tsujita
Atsuko Tsujita asked:

Content removed by Moderator.

Edie Fassnidge
Edie Fassnidge replied:

Hi A.T,

I'm so sorry to their that and I'm pleased that my story offered a bit of hope.

Thanks for pledging and for your support.


Kate Crossthwaite
Kate Crossthwaite asked:

Hi Edie

Just wanted to say how moved I was by your words in the Guardian article and your graphic novel.... I knew Alice in London as I played in orchestra with her (am sure you'll know my sister Jenny who was a great friend of Alices) ... I wish you all the luck in getting your graphic novel published.. I think it is fantastic and an amazing way of you telling your story and expressing your feelings and emotions.

I look forward to reading the full published version in the future. take care, Kate xx

Edie Fassnidge
Edie Fassnidge replied:

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for your message, for pledging and for your support. Yes I do remember Jenny from her Goldsmith days and it's so nice to hear from people who knew Alice.

I hope you enjoy the full version of the book.

All best, Edie

Beth Scott
Beth Scott asked:

Dearest Edie

Just a short message/question (as I can't get the email to Unbound to work): I have finally made a pledge on behalf of myself and another (smaller one) for a Christmas gift - is it possible to replace my name with the name 'Christoph Harringer' for the smaller pledge please? Perhaps it's worth exploring the 'gift' pledge option to get your final pledges too?

I hope this Christmas isn't too tough for you.

Much love,


Unbound replied:

Hi Beth,

Thanks for getting in touch. To check or change the names in the back just log in and head over to the 'Your Account' page (which can be located at the top right hand corner of the site). Here you'll see the icons for all of the books you have supported. Under the icon is the green button 'update the name in the back'. Click this and away you go. There are also answers about similar queries which you can find on our FAQ page: I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Unbound Community Coordinator.

Beth Scott
Beth Scott asked:

Edie - I discovered how to change the name so please ignore my message and enjoy some extra christmas pudding instead :) bx

Unbound replied:

Hi Beth,

I responded to your query before seeing this note. I'm pleased that it's sorted. If you have any more queries like like please refer to the FAQ or contact us via

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Unbound Community Coordinator

Eve Turner-Lee
Eve Turner-Lee asked:

Hi Edie,

Congratulations on getting your book funded!

Apologies if I have missed an email or something but I was just wondering when the book will be ready? (Or maybe mine got lost in the post!!?)

Many thanks,

Eve Turner-Lee

Unbound replied:

Hi Eve,

Thanks for getting in touch. We're working on the book at the moment and are planning on having finished copies ready in spring 2016. If we can help with anything else please get in touch via

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Coordinator

Jaime Ngo
Jaime Ngo asked:

Dear Edie Fassnidge,

My name is Jaime and I am currently in the midst of producing my AS Level Art coursework. Recently, I have begun my personal study essay to accompany my portfolio which is based around the idea of natural disasters and how some of the underlying impacts are ignored and covered up by society and the media.

For my coursework, I want to visually present something that would not only show a natural disaster in motion but also the hidden truth and factors that people don’t usually think about such as the psychological impacts of a disaster on a person who has experienced such as event like yourself.

As I was researching and trawling through the internet to find eyewitness accounts of natural disaster survivors and your story stood out to me. After reading the extracts of your ‘Rinse, Spin, Repeat’ book I wanted to know more about your experience and wondered if it would be possible to ask you some questions through email about it.

I would highly appreciate it if you replied to this email and would be willing to answer a few questions about your experience to aid me with developing my coursework.

Yours faithfully

Jaime N

Edie Fassnidge
Edie Fassnidge replied:

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for your message. How about dropping me a direct message on twitter @EFassnidge and we can explore further.


Lenny Neale- Krommenhoek
Lenny Neale- Krommenhoek asked:

Hi Edie, just want to let you know that your book is very moving and an amazing capture of what happened. Big hug, xxLen

Edie Fassnidge
Edie Fassnidge replied:

Hi Len,

That's so great to hear. Thanks for supporting the book and for letting me know what you thought. I really appreciate it.


Nancy Morris
Nancy Morris asked:

Hello, I believe the book is now published?
I haven't received a code to download the copy of the e-book which I bought yet ?

Best Regards

Unbound replied:

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for getting in touch. There's been a slight delay in making the ebook, as it's a fully illustrated book, but hopefully this should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Please look out for an email which will let you know how to download this once it's available.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

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