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Rowanne Westhenry



Following last week's terrifying attack on the Infantia conclave, Medlish authorities have revealed that they foiled a plot o a similar attack on Plenum Hall.

The NSF and MSS have today revealed that they have thwarted an attack that had been planned for the opening Plenum session of the cycle. The plot is alleged to have been planned by the same guerilla group who carried out the attack on the Infantian conclave last week, which left 16 folk dead and several hundred in need of medical treatment. According to one agent, if this attack had not been thwarted then there would have been widespread destruction as there was no particular target.

Their plan reportedly centred on attaching many small devices to vehicles and buildings around the centre of the capital to be detonated remotely at a time that would cause maximum destruction and loss of life. Details have also emerged that there was a system in place for a second wave of attacks targeting emergency responders as well as a platform attack to shut down communications and wipe out any financial systems in the immediate area.

The ingredients for a large scale chemical bomb which would have killed thousands and caused long term damage to any survivors were recovered from a garage belonging to one of the suspects. It is thought that the procured these ingredients on the Platform where the stringent checks on folk buying these things do not apply. Their communication also relied heavily on the lower levels of the Platform as they used secure channels and heavy encryption as well as hacking their own PPI and re-routing their connections around the world to avoid detection.

Although it is too early to speculate as to the identities of the folk behind the plot, reports suggest that the suspects were recent arrivals to the nation who had travelled with the sole purpose of carrying out this attack. A concerned citizen whose garden backs onto the garages used by the guerillas said that they regularly woke them by leaving their cars idling while loading or unloading these items under cover of darkness. They said that they had appeared out of nowhere a few months ago but began visiting more frequently until this strange behaviour was a nightly occurrence. Thankfully for the nation they shared their suspicions with security personnel and they were able to act quickly to prevent the plan being carried out.

It is thought that this is not the only attack to have been foiled recently as the transnational terror organisation step up their efforts to bring about the destruction of our civilisation. A coalition of nations perceived to be most at risk from attacks has been formed with our Leader expected to take a leading role alongside their Infantian counterpart.

Sources have stated that the areas in which these suspects were hiding will receive an increase in their security budgets to allow them to monitor the sorts of folk who might be planning similar acts of violence.

Eight folk have been arrested in connection with the Medland plot and the authorities are said to be monitoring other suspected members of the group. Anyone with any information relating to this group or any other guerilla activities is urged to contact the authorities at the earliest opportunity.

In light of these revelations, the Leader is expected to use their opening Plenum address to announce special measures to reduce the likelihood of a similar attack being planned in the future. These measures are likely to include a Platform firewall, an increase in monitoring of communications data, restrictions on the number of folk allowed to congregate in a public space without permission from the authorities, tighter frontier controls, and the introduction of a mandatory citizen's card.



Charlie Plum: We need to stop these others from coming in, they are and always have been a threat to our peaceful, welcoming way of life. Before the catastrophe, when the wall was built to keep us safe, folk never dreamed that one day we would allow others to pass freely through the checkpoints with impunity as they understood the grave consequences of such unfettered invasion. Now is the time to return to that time of frontier security before it is too late.

Ali Beige: Guerillas want to spread terror, and by talking about an attack that didn't even hapen and compeltely dismantling our way of life because of it we are letting them win.

Sam Blue: Guerillas want to kill folk and they've been stopped from doing this.

Ali Beige: No, guerillas want to spread terror and they've found a new, easy way to do so: by leaking details of attacks that they may or may not be planning to send security forces into a spin.

Sam Blue: Well we can't just ignore the threat and hope that nothing happens can you imagine the uproar if folk died in an attack that the security forces knew was coming.

Jean Coral : The guerillas win when they change our way of life to theirs by killing folk, the executive aren't guerillas which is why they're stopping them.

Leslie Brown: Why do folk think they can just challenge the executive on everything like they know better? the consuls in charge have trained there hole lives to run the nation so I don't understand why some no mark slinger thinks they know better about keeping the great folk of this nation safe. now your place and respect your betters.

Taylor Vermilion : I don't agree with executive interfering with citizens lives in any way, but closing the frontiers is the only way to keep us safe.

Sam Ivory: How can you hold those two ideas in your mind comfortably? It's kind of an either/or situation.

Taylor Vermilion : Because the frontier closure is temporary but big interfering executive lasts a lifetime.

Sam Ivory: What about the ID cards and the increased security patrols and the curfew? Are they examples of executive interference that you are happy to accept?

Taylor Indigo: These proposals are temporary and there not even law yet and the reformists are moaning and spreading conspiracy theories as usual. The executive wouldnt make this permanent, its a massive operation and the closed frontiers will be a pain to administer but it is the only thing we can do in the face of such a threat from others.

Taylor Vermilion : Folk saying that this emergency law will lead to a draconian nation are being hysterical. It is an extraordinary situation that we find ourselves in and this is just a temporary response to those circumstances.

Taylor Indigo: Exactly, why would the executive want this to be a permanent thing, it's going to be enough of an administrative nightmare!

Sam Ivory: Why? Because it gives them unprecedented powers to spy on their citizens and control their movement.

Taylor Indigo: and as I said, it will be a massive pain and it is just to that we can get a system in place to better control and monitor who comes here to keep us all safe.

Alex Topaz: These others bring damnation and worship abomination, refuse assimilation and reject cooperation. A swift retaliation needs to end this confrontation, or we're faced with devastation, maybe our annihilation.