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Change the narrative – for better or worse

Thera is a planet in crisis. Threeten and six years after the catastrophe that ended the resource wars, the Platform that connects all of the planet's citizens has become poisoned by selfish divisions. Conceived as a tool to share knowledge and experience, the platform has become a place where judgement is quick and understanding is absent, and those negative traits are beginning to overwhelm the physical world.

The once abundant resources provided by the planet have been hoarded by the Precious, and inequality is rampant across a booming population. The prevailing mood across the planet is one of fear – of failure, of change, and most pertinently of the ‘other’. Despite the border walls that have been built, a guerilla movement is using the Platform to cause chaos across every region in coordinated attacks, and the resulting terror is destabilising democracies as folk demand a solution to the crisis.

Following an attack on the fortified conclave of the great nation of Infantia  which killed 16 folk, security services across the region are put on high alert. When they discover plans for a copycat attack on Plenum Hall in the capital of Medland, the Leader implements drastic measures in the name of security, and the Medlish folk are forced to choose between fear or freedom. As tensions mount, a pillar of society makes a decision which resets the course of history – for better or worse.

As a modern twist on the epistolary novel, RESET defies the rule of "don't read the comments." 

Instead, readers are urged to examine the relationship between the tone of the articles and the comments they attract and ask what freedoms we should sacrifice for the promise of security. An interactive novel that spans two divergent narratives, RESET is the starting point for a project to encourage discussions on universal issues that will continue long after it is published.

Rowanne Westhenry was born and raised in West London and is still refusing to be pushed out by the insane cost of living there, although she is beginning to question the wisdom in paying the capital premium when she works from home. She spent eight years working as a waitress before she quit to join the army of self-employed writers looking for work. Since then, she has drunk enough coffee to develop an allergy to it and is still searching for a replacement stimulant that isn’t prohibited by law.

RESET is Rowanne’s first novel. She has been working on the concept for two years but began writing it in earnest when governments started lifting ideas from her draft manuscript and turning them into policies. As a typical millenial, she feels entitled to things like basic human rights and access to education, and though she be but little, she is fierce.



Following last week's terrifying attack on the Infantia conclave, Medlish authorities have revealed that they foiled a plot o a similar attack on Plenum Hall.

The NSF and MSS have today revealed that they have thwarted an attack that had been planned for the opening Plenum session of the cycle. The plot is alleged to have been planned by the same guerilla group who carried out the attack on the Infantian conclave last week, which left 16 folk dead and several hundred in need of medical treatment. According to one agent, if this attack had not been thwarted then there would have been widespread destruction as there was no particular target.

Their plan reportedly centred on attaching many small devices to vehicles and buildings around the centre of the capital to be detonated remotely at a time that would cause maximum destruction and loss of life. Details have also emerged that there was a system in place for a second wave of attacks targeting emergency responders as well as a platform attack to shut down communications and wipe out any financial systems in the immediate area.

The ingredients for a large scale chemical bomb which would have killed thousands and caused long term damage to any survivors were recovered from a garage belonging to one of the suspects. It is thought that the procured these ingredients on the Platform where the stringent checks on folk buying these things do not apply. Their communication also relied heavily on the lower levels of the Platform as they used secure channels and heavy encryption as well as hacking their own PPI and re-routing their connections around the world to avoid detection.

Although it is too early to speculate as to the identities of the folk behind the plot, reports suggest that the suspects were recent arrivals to the nation who had travelled with the sole purpose of carrying out this attack. A concerned citizen whose garden backs onto the garages used by the guerillas said that they regularly woke them by leaving their cars idling while loading or unloading these items under cover of darkness. They said that they had appeared out of nowhere a few months ago but began visiting more frequently until this strange behaviour was a nightly occurrence. Thankfully for the nation they shared their suspicions with security personnel and they were able to act quickly to prevent the plan being carried out.


Why Bother?

Friday, 25 August 2017

Why bother?

This is the question that has plagued every writer ever at one dark point or another. Why bother putting all these tens of thousands of words in an order, tormenting yourself wondering whether they're good enough before throwing them out into the big wide world to be read by Other People? It's a punishing process. If you're crowdfunding the publication of those words, your anguish over…

Positivity = Power

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Have you ever noticed that one of the first things that the folks in charge do is try to make their opponents despondent? Whether it's business owners saying that a minimum wage will destroy the economy, health insurance companies warning that universal healthcare will mean a decline in standards, or people excusing the sale of arms to antidemocratic regimes with a shrug of "well if we don't, someone…

I Thought We Had More Time

Friday, 20 January 2017

When I started writing RESET I thought we'd have more time before the extreme-right populism took hold. I thought we'd be able to stop it before it started by changing the way we talk to and about people. I thought we'd be able to heal the divisions in our societies before they opened up into gaping chasms in communities. 

I was wrong.

Today the United States of America is swearing in an unashamed…

Begin at the beginning

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

If you’ve come this far you will be aware of the fact that I have written a book, and that I will be spending the next three months or so hounding you for pledges and shares. I’m thrilled that Unbound have taken it on, as the principle of crowdfunding sits perfectly with the underlying message of RESET, and I’m grateful for them taking a chance on what is a bit of an out-there format.

The kernel…

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