Reptile Resistance

By John Crump and C M Taylor

An immersive narrative app for fiction lovers. Gather the evidence. Crack the code. Resist our reptile overlords.

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Reptiles Resisted

So finally, the text and the art and the game engine and the music and the sound effects and the voice-over are all assembled, the beta testing has been done, and the narrative game is finished and ready to launch.

Here is the credit page.

I'm sure there will be news in the near future from the publisher about getting hold of your copy, and about the publication, etc, but for now I just wanted to tell you we were over the line and to share a few screenshots from the finished game.

Here is a particularly timely one, in which the lizard king is exposed.

Manipulating an in-game tarot reveals a cabinet in which a secret notebook is stashed.

The secret notebook reveals lizard plans and clues to progress through the game.

A magical lens reveals a double spiral staircase leading to a choice of next levels.

There's plenty more where that came from.

All done. Speak soon.


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