Reptile Resistance

By John Crump and C M Taylor

An immersive narrative app for fiction lovers. Gather the evidence. Crack the code. Resist our reptile overlords.

Monday, 19 December 2022

Pledge Fulfilment

Hello All,

As reported to you back in July, the full game is complete and we are delighted with it.

That has been the case for over 6 months now, and we have been patiently waiting on the publisher to engage on both the fulfilment of your financial pledges, and their contractual publishing of the game.

I mention this because we had a feisty pledger quite rightly come at us wanting to know where their stuff is, and all I can say is I'm waiting on too.

Very much looking forward to getting the game and your pledges into your hands as soon as possible.









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Angela Lord
 Angela Lord says:

Help! I'm stuck on chapter four. Are you still active on twitter? Angela aka @Ange1ina

posted 3rd April 2023

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The app on release, the missing pages of the diary and credited as a co-producer.

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