Repeal the 8th Anthology

By Una Mullally (editor)

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A collection of stories, essays, poetry and photography around the movement for reproductive rights in Ireland

Publication date: Spring 2018
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About the book

Context: abortion is illegal in almost every circumstance in Ireland north and south.

Ireland is the only democracy in the western world to have a constitutional ban on abortion.

This is depressing and oppressive, but people are trying to change things.

The movement to repeal the 8th amendment, which is our constitutional ban on abortion, and make abortion legal in Ireland has been growing hugely over the last few years.

This movement is vibrant and urgent, coloured by righteous anger, people power, protest, and good old fashioned activism.

But it is also coloured by literature and art.

This fight for women in Ireland to rightfully claim their bodily autonomy in the eyes of the law stands on the shoulders of many people who have gone before us, many of whom are still fighting for women’s reproductive rights today.

This fight has created a new energised grassroots movement. All around the country and throughout the diaspora, Irish people and people who have made Ireland their home, are having conversations about how to change things. Protests are growing, groups are forming, for the first time women are opening up about being forced to travel for medical care en masse.

As this movement grows and develops, what’s becoming clear is the amount of amazing art and literature that is being created around it. There are poems and murals, essays and personal testimonies, photography projects and graphic design.

What I want to do with a book about this, is capture this movement, through the literature, personal stories, opinions, photography, art and design that is emerging from it so beautifully, and collect it in an anthology that has never been made before.

Here are three reasons that I think this anthology is worth making.

1. It will feature amazing writers, poets, artists and others that will stimulate and reflect a moment of huge social importance in Irish history.

2. These voices need to be heard. In newspapers and across broadcast media the debate around reproductive rights is a pitched battle. But we know that there is much more nuanced and smart writing there to be heard and collected.

3. In years to come when women in Ireland have bodily autonomy, we will have this book as an archive, a reference point for where the movement was, how it grew, and the dignity and beauty of the art that came from it.

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