The Rebel Rebel pub crawl

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The idea for this Soho pub-crawl emanated from those marvellous folk at Unbound, yours truly being rather reticent about such shenanigans, but in for a penny in for a hangover. This tour of the square miles hostelries will hopefully hit all my old haunts (basically Soho’s finest ale houses) and begin in The Coffee House on Beak St., move onto the Sun and 13 Cantons, whizz across to the Blue Posts in Berwick Street, down to the Blue Posts in Rupert Court, across to The French then the Coach and Horses, The Spice, The Cambridge and then double back to visit the Dog and Duck and end up somewhere else. A simple reversal of the Darwinian ape to man both physically and mentally, the aim is to drink a pint (and perhaps a chaser in each pub) while retaining a high degree of bonhomie. I will be on hand to tell a few raucous tales of yore aided by Unbound publisher John Mitchinson. Needless to say there might be a few characters on board.

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Katherine McIntosh
Katherine McIntosh says:

Any idea of a date yet Chris?
And you'll have to excuse me for not being capable of drinking a pint these days let alone 9 or 10!
Maybe a sherry or two ;)

October 07, 2015

Dean Bradley
Dean Bradley says:

I live in Copenhagen, and whilst its a long way to go for a drink, I've not had a decent pint for a while. A possible idea on date would be good.

October 07, 2015

janette evans
janette evans says:

Let us know when the date is decided x

October 07, 2015

Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan says:

I was thinking of getting all 40 people together at one time and making it a movable feast from pub to pub.....that would be barking..

October 09, 2015

Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan says:

As for the date .. probably when i get the book funded which could be anytime as its up to those who choose to pledge....

November 30, 2015

Antony Knight
Antony Knight says:

Hi Chris... did I miss the Rebel Rebel Pub Crawl or is it still to take place?

June 30, 2016

Marcus Sweeney-Bird
Marcus Sweeney-Bird says:

Hey Chris, Did the pub crawl ever happen?

September 27, 2017

Graham Bell
Graham Bell says:

Dear Mr. Sullivan ,
I was away and missed the party on Monday ....... when is the pub crawl?

May 01, 2019

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