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Friday, 8 June 2018

I am editing!

Hi everyone

It has been a while since my last update. The good news is the I am now working with an amazing editor, Liz, and after our recent meeting at the Unbound offices, I am currently going through and making the first round of edits to Razia. I hope to get these finished by the end of July, after which Liz and I will discuss round two! It is quite lovely to revisit the novel in this detailed way, although the actual edits are quite challenging at times!

On other fronts, I have been very busy; I'm still running my law firm, doing lots of talks (including on radio and a bit of telly) about the issues I write about, I have been nominated for a National Diversity Award as a Positive Role Model in the Gender category, and I've been appointed Trustee of a new charity called Rising Girl. I will be speaking at Bradford Literature Festival on 30 June at two events so please do come along if you are around. The links for tickets are below. And I will be flying off to Karachi in August to speak at Youthopia International Youth Summit. You can stay in touch will all my goings on either on my website www.abdakhan.com or my Facebook page www.facebook.com/abdakhanwriter. 

Hope you have a great summer, and I hope to update you again in a couple of months time!

Best wishes

Abda :)




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