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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Thank You and one last favour

Hi Everyone

You should all have recieved a copy of our book by now - some of you may have even read it. 

So firstly, a huge thanks to all 934 of you that pledged to make it happen. You're welcome to come round anytime and have a cup of tea on me, just not all at once - I don't have that much room, or milk. 

Organise it amongst yourselves, elect a leader or something, someone's who's good at rotas and knows where I live.

Secondly, the book has been released to the general public today - a group of people I now define as "the whole world minus the 934 who ACTUALLY helped me out".

And this brings me to my point.

The only downside I can see of pledging via Unbound is that those people at Amazon etc don't email you and say "Hello m8, what did you think of that album club book then?" So instead, they'll email all these Johnny Come Latelys, i.e. the General Public, and ask them instead - as if anyone cares what they think?

Frankly that won't do and, as usual, I'm here to help.

I've developed a review system specifially for "the 934".

Option 1 - For people who have lovely positive things to say about the book    

Please review it on Amazon here or on Goodreads here

I've been told by people that know these things that this is important. 

Option 2 - For people who hated it and only have bad things to say

I will stand in Picadilly Circus, London, every Saturday night at 8pm sharp. Here, I'll be prepared to listen, in depth, to all your views and feedback. If you're wondering how you'll recognise me in such a busy place, I'll be the one with glasses. I look forward to meeting you all.

That's it everyone. *Probably* the last favour I'll ever ask of you. 

All the best and see you around



P.S - We'll be doing some events to support the book. Check out our website here for details 

P.P.S - If you ordered one the personalised editions they'll be with you VERY shortly. Sorry for the delay.  

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Adam Baylis-West
 Adam Baylis-West says:

Roger. Wilco.

posted 7th September 2017

Sean Harrison
 Sean Harrison says:

Done. Good luck with it.

posted 7th September 2017

Kim Harris
 Kim Harris says:

I haven't received my copy. How would it be sent, please?

posted 11th September 2017

Enda O Gara
 Enda O Gara says:

I haven't received my book, any update

posted 14th September 2017

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