Queer as Folklore

By Sacha Coward

The hidden queer history of myth & folklore; it’s time to drag those monsters out of the closet!

Monday, 28 August 2023

*Dramatic trumpets!*

Just to let you know we have hit a major publication milestone.
The full manuscript has been handed in for its first round of structural edits.

That means, the book 'exists'!

It is being looked over by a fantastic editor, who will work with me to get it into the best possible state for publication. This is the next big step for any book: chapters may be shuffled around, condensed, expanded, and themes will be brought into focus. A second set of eyes and opinions is really exciting, and whilst it's scary handing your 'baby' over I know this is going to help 'Queer As Folklore' be clear and powerful. 

We are also having exciting conversations around publication dates, images, illustrations and formats. We will share this ALL with you as soon as we can!

I have been overwhelmed with all your support and kind words, this is mega exciting for me, and I can't wait for you to read the finished piece. Sorry to have to be so tight-lipped, but there is concrete news on its way very shortly, promise!


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julie weir
 julie weir says:

Hi Sacha - I am doing a Podcast and Event project about folklore in the UK...and would LOVE to have a chat with you on this.....and maybe even have you as a guest on the Podcast if you would be up for it? Julie Weir - pls drop me an email to julie.weir@sonymusic.com if this is something of interest....

posted 29th August 2023

Mark Syson-Harvey
 Mark Syson-Harvey says:

Exciting times. Looking forward to hearing more about dates!

posted 29th August 2023

Liz Thompson
 Liz Thompson says:

Hooray! Progress is exciting. I hope it will be published in time for the winter holiday period.

posted 29th August 2023

Mermaid Tay J
 Mermaid Tay J says:

Yay! That's amazing news Sacha! I am so looking forward to getting a peak at the illustrations! I can only hope there's going to be stories about gay mermaids. I bet there will be! So excited <3

posted 30th August 2023

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