QUAYS: What's In It For You? (Pt. 1)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hello all, and welcome to an occasional series in which I talk about the GLITTERING REWARDS I'm offering in exchange for a wedge of sponsorship. This one's aimed at writers, and at people who think they might be writers but aren't sure, and at people who would quite like to be writers, and at people who like to buy lovely presents for all or any of the above.

A pledge to Quays of £150 will buy you not only a signed, special-edition book and my undying love, but also a detailed, in-depth, super-helpful expert critique of a short story you've written. "Expert?" you query. Yes, expert, I repeat, defiantly. Brace yourself, as I perform a few preliminary stretches prior to brandishing my credentials...

I've served a long apprenticeship in short fiction (once you start this sort of apprenticeship, it doesn't ever really finish). The Stinging Fly in Dublin published my first story, way back in 2005. Since then I've appeared in The Fiction Desk (thrice), The Stockholm ReviewMinor Literature[s].CentVintage ScriptFoxhole, Haverthorn, Litro (twice), Firewords Quarterly and Riptide Journal. This year, I'll be adding StructoThe Nightwatchman and The Lonely Crowd to the list. I've written horror, crime, sci-fi, historical fiction, literary fiction, and mad stuff about echidnas. 

My stories have been read at London's multi-award-winning Liars' League 11 times, and at the Wilderness Festival, the Beacons Festival and events for Influx Press, the Society of Authors and Clapham Library (that was a glitzy one, canapés and everything). I've won the odd prize, and contributed to a few excellent anthologies. And I've done my time with the Blue Pencil of Editorship, too: for years I ran the northern offshoot of the Liars' League, reading, choosing and editing hundreds of wonderful stories.

I love reading stories; I know a lot about how they're made and what makes them tick; I know why they get published and why they don't, why they fly or why they fail. Why make that £150 pledge? Because every writer needs a leg-up every now and again. If you've written a story - or a draft of a story, or half a story - then it's only right that that story should be as good as it possibly can be (it's the very least that both you and the story deserve). And I can help you with that. I love doing that sort of shit, I really do. 

But I'm tired of honking on my own trumpet now. 


Apart from all that, I think you'll really like my book, and it'd be just brilliant if you could help us get it published.




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