Purple People

By Kate Bulpitt

Purple People is a jolly dystopia, telling the story of an outlandish scheme to curtail crime and anti-social behaviour - by dyeing offenders purple - and the news-loving lass who investigates it

Friday, 11 August 2017

Thank you! Merci! Tak!

Hi lovelies,

How are you?  Hope you’re all enjoying a most agreeable week.

Here I’ve been cracking out the party poppers (or rather, a bottle of Prosecco), as we’ve reached over half way, with Purple People currently 55% funded - and in just under a month!  Exceedingly exciting.

This is down to your kindness and support, so again, THANK YOU.  Crowdfunding for Purple People is proving to be an extraordinary experience.  In addition to often-seen friends and family, pledgers have included pals I’ve not seen for a very long time (in a few cases, that time lapse being a decade or two), and some folk whom I’ve never met (hello!), whose encouragement is especially appreciated.  

It has made for an unexpectedly lovely aspect of this process.  Not only am I tip top excited to eventually hold a copy of the book, but I can’t wait to see the list of supporter names inside.  It feels incredibly fitting that many of the people who’ve encouraged my writing during my life (I’ve been beavering away for a long time) get to be part of the book itself, and that this includes many unanticipated names makes it even more of a treat.

And speaking of names, the last of the ten ‘Name a Character’ spots was snapped up a couple of days ago.  I’m looking forward to collaborating with those people as to what their namesakes will have got up to in the Purple world... will they be pro or anti-Purpleness?  Hmm.

Before I go, as I said earlier to the very excellent Kwaku at Unbound, I feel as though I’ve reached a point on the crowdfunding mountain where I’m eyeing up a bar of Kendal Mint Cake, and considering the slightly steeper path ahead.  Purple People still needs help from more kind folk like yourself in order to reach the presses... so if you can continue to spread the word, sharing the details with any book-loving lads and lasses, I’d be most grateful.  And really, with the world as wonky as it is right now, who wouldn’t like a jolly dystopia, eh?

Bon weekend, super people.



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Fabian Hober
 Fabian Hober says:

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