Purple People

By Kate Bulpitt

Purple People is a jolly dystopia, telling the story of an outlandish scheme to curtail crime and anti-social behaviour - by dyeing offenders purple - and the news-loving lass who investigates it

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Publication Day news, more reviews - and a competition!

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a good week.

Well, here we are...  over ten years since I began writing Purple People, its official publication day is almost upon us! (in fact, by the time you read this, it may have arrived).  There's been a flurry of activity over the last couple of weeks - including most of your copies arriving (though I think some of the international ones are still on their way, possibly munching on airline pretzels and imagining their new homes...).  Many of you sent cheery messages, and photos, which have been lovely, thank you!  Just two of multiple highlights: James Burt wrote this blog piece, and James Hannah posted this glorious video, complete with hovering bee.

Which reminds me, if you haven't yet posted a photo, I'd love if you might do that - and actually, will be having a Twitter competition for the jolliest snap of Purple People, where there will be a prize!  Yep, you can win one of the very limited edition of delightful egg cups, custom made by super ceramicist, Katch Skinner, whose work can be found at the National Gallery, amongst other places.  Just tweet your photo - anything imaginative featuring your copy of Purple People (that could be with your dog, cat, or favourite purple item from around the house... whatever you like!) - tagging me (@qwertykate), and not forgetting to use the hashtag #PurplePeopleEggcup.  Author Kate Hamer will kindly be guest judge and pick the winning snap! (also, don't fret if you've already posted something you'd like Kate to consider - just re-tweet with the hashtag).


As another part of the pre-publication excitement, Purple People was serialised with online book club The Pigeonhole, which was a phenomenal experience. Once readers have signed up for a book, they receive a daily 'stave' (a small handful of chapters) and can make comments throughout.  Purple People's comments were fascinating, heartening and brilliant, with quite a lot of debate - and made for a good-as-Christmas treat to look forward to every day (incidentally, The Pigeonhole offers an eclectic mix of books, and is well worth signing up for).  It's also resulted in some ace reviews, including this, this, this and this.  Such a reception has been mind-bogglingly great.

If you've started to read it, I do hope that you're enjoying it.  And as mentioned recently, if you'd be in the market for writing a review, that would be hugely appreciated, as they can be a real help to a book's chances.  To do that, you could hop to Amazon, or GoodReads, or wondrous new service, The Storygraph.  Thank you!

Before I sign off, I thought I'd share some photos from Purple People's journey...  

Here's a snap from speculative fiction event Brighton SF, curated by my friend (and then colleague) Jeremy Keith, who nabbed the literally awesome line up of Jeff Noon, Lauren Beukes, and Brian Aldiss.  Jeremy suggested I read an excerpt from Purple People (gulp), and here I am on stage, with those luminaries behind me:


                            (photo by Curtis James / Instagram & Twitter: @oswald808)

There have been a few celebrations along the way... My friends Curtis and Emily and I toasted the first draft being finished (back in 2015!) - here you'll see the finally completed manuscript in shot.


                            (photo by Curtis James / Instagram & Twitter: @oswald808)

And a surprise arrived in the post last week, marking Purple People's publication... this Penguin poster, kindly sent by my friend Lisa.  


Anyway, THANK YOU again for backing this jolly, wonky dystopia, which we wouldn't now have in our hands without your support.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed it might have a little luck in the world...



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