Purple People

By Kate Bulpitt

Purple People is a jolly dystopia, telling the story of an outlandish scheme to curtail crime and anti-social behaviour - by dyeing offenders purple - and the news-loving lass who investigates it

Monday, 23 September 2019

Edit update... the Purple People are (nearly) on their way!


Ahoy there!  I hope this finds you all well, and having enjoyed a jolly Summer (general dystopian-ness in the world aside, that is).

Herewith a smoke signal from what we’re hoping are the last laps of preparation for Purple People hitting bookshelves... and your door mat!  We’re planning to have the final edits finished soon, and then off it’ll skip to the printing presses.  I’ll let you know when we have a definitive date, but it’s looking like early next year (incidentally, those of you who know me will know how fond I am of a celebratory knees up, so I’ll be digging out my party planning hat as the launch approaches...). 

There’s also a cover, see attached.  What a corker!  I’ve frequently swooned at the handiwork of Mark Ecob, Unbound’s designer, and it’s an absolute treat to have my book be subject to his remarkable cover-conjuring skills.  I’m besotted with this, which (I think) is eye-catching and perfectly captures the book - and look at those mischievous faces! 

I wanted to say also that I know it’s been a while since most of you pledged for Purple People, and I’ve felt very aware of the delay between hitting fully funded (yippee) and the moment when you’ll get your hands on a copy.  This is partly due to my having an unexpectedly topsy turvy time of things in life outside of the book - pesky, and has made for some unavoidable distractions from the edit.  But!  It’s also resulted in time to make it a better book, so I’m hoping that the delay will be worth it.

That each of you have kindly and generously supported Purple People is so much appreciated - it wouldn’t be happening without you, so thank you (thank you!).  It’s quite an amazing experience to have your first book come into the world this way, knowing so many folk have rooted for it. 

Anyway... have a good rest of your week, everyone.


P.S. The book is already available for pre-order via Waterstones and Amazon, which has been fun to see!

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