By Rose Cartwright

A tragicomic memoir about intrusive sexual thoughts

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The home straight


I’m super delighted to now be over 70%. Endless thanks for helping me get here. Your pledges and well-wishes have meant a great deal. 

Now I’m on the home straight, if you could do me a final fave and share my video link one last time with an accompanying nudge, that’d be a wonderful help: unbound.co.uk/books/pure. Pledges are scarce these days, so I'd be mega-grateful of any sweet-talk or weasling you can do on my behalf.

In other news, I recently gave a talk at a Mind event about the outrageous media stereotypes surrounding mental illness that I’ve encountered while promoting Pure. Here’s a link to an edited version of it: rosebretecher.com/mentalhealthstereotypes. Short on time? NO SWEAT. Here’s an extract:

“A cursory browse of most publications’ mental health sections reveals an homogenous parade of white-skinned loners, ranging from the angsty youth lingering in the school corridor long after the bell has rung, to the middle class brunette lamenting on her beige sofa, as if the pesky dog’s muddied the shag pile and the AmbiPur has run out.”

Lots of thanks and love,  

Rose x

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