By Rose Cartwright

A tragicomic memoir about intrusive sexual thoughts

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Girls girls girls

Me in Marie Claire this month. 

I'm 28 now and I've had OCD for nearly half of my life. Sometimes I still rue the pain, but I am deeply grateful for the lessons it has taught me about the value of doubt. Overthinking is the malady of our generation, and as I've learnt, our attempts to control our thoughts are often self defeating. Seeking 'closure' isn't as productive as Hollywood would have you believe - often the more we ruminate the less certain we feel. But when we loosen our compulsive grip on our emotions, and accept that doubt pemeates every aspect of our lives, the present moment feels all the more shiny and vital. And I think there's something beautifully uncomplicated in the realisation that when we strip away our defences, we're all just girls, staring out into sea, not knowing anything for certain.

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Nathan Thompson
 Nathan Thompson says:

Well done, Rose. I wish you all the joy of seeing your book published and read x

posted 25th September 2014

Rose Bretécher
 Rose Bretécher says:

Hello Nathan. Only just realised The Shed has a comments facility. Ooops. Thank you ever so much for your pledge and support. Getting there. x

posted 8th October 2014

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