Take Pride: how to build organisational success through your people

By Sheila Parry

A fresh approach to creating outstanding organisations and successful people so that work is a better place for everyone

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pride in practice

One of the messages in my book is that people (e.g. bosses) who are trying to motivate other people (e.g. their employees) need to take the time to get to know them as people first. That means working out what matters to them, what might give them a sense of purpose, what will energise them, and what it might take to make them feel proud.

This week has been a real living lesson for me of what that feels like in practice.

I am passionate about my personal purpose to make the world of work better for other people, but writing a book about it has presented a huge challenge for me. I have always known that I get my energy from other people, so sitting on my own writing for all those hours and days and months has been SO hard. Being brought into the Unbound community was a huge boost for me, because suddenly I had other people who have volunteered, of their own free will, to get involved in my work. There are now editors, who are interested and ask questions, and you, my supporters, who are telling me, yes, carry on, we want this book to happen and we will sign up to show you and other people that we believe in what you are doing. 

But I also have to admit to another core motivation (some would say weakness), and that is caring, deeply, about what other people think. This week, I had a huge vote of confidence from the senior leaders of the Institute of Internal Communication, who - after hearing about the PRIDE model -  have pledged their support for my book and introduced the topic to their professional development programme for 2018. This has not only given the crowdfunding a big boost, but it has given me a little moment of pride, because I care about what they think and I know that their opinion counts. 

I wanted you to share in this personal moment of pride, because you are the first people to have supported me in this project, and you are on my team now. Thank you, thank you, thank you x 95 for giving me the energy to carry on.



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Ian Searle
 Ian Searle says:

Well done Sheila. I can only imagine what a chore writing a book must be - but I'm sure it will be a "must have" item on every management training course. So many managers do not understand their teams and treat them as processorsr; a good boss is worth his/ her weight in gold and positively motivate good performance. I have been fortunate enough to work for both categories and know how passionate you are to reinforce the positive approach to man-management (if that is still a politically-correct term).
I'm looking forward to reading it - even though my working days are done!

posted 2nd August 2017

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