Take Pride: how to build organisational success through your people

By Sheila Parry

A fresh approach to creating outstanding organisations and successful people so that work is a better place for everyone

Friday, 24 August 2018

Manners maketh man

“More,” said Rex, pointing at the bowl of cherries on the kitchen table.

“More, please,” said his Dad, Tom.

“More, please,” said Rex.

“Good boy, Rex,” said Tom.

“Good boy, Rex,” said Rex.

 30 seconds later.

“More,” said Rex, again.

“More, please,” said his Dad, Tom.

“More, please,” said Rex.

“Good boy, Rex,” said Tom.

“Good boy, Rex,” said Rex.

And so it went on, until there were no more cherries left in the bowl.

It was just a quiet conversation between father and son. A lesson in manners, and a backdrop to all the other, much less polite conversations that were going on during a noisy, family lunch. 

During the last few years, I have been saying “more, please” a lot. Maybe not always out loud, but certainly in my head. I got a huge thrill every time one of you pledged for a book, and the funding percentage went up. And then “more”, said a little voice in my head. “More, please,” said Sheila. 

Thanks to you, I hit the 100% pledge level in October last year, and after a fairly seamless process with the lovely team at Unbound, Take Pride went to print. 

I know from various emails, posts and tweets (“More please, said Sheila) that the special editions have gone out and I am now beyond excited for the official publication day on 6th September.

I have no idea what will happen next. But you’ll be relieved to hear that I am getting ready to turn my attention to the wider world with a great big resounding “MORE!” More sales, more reviews, more recommendations, please. Because if we can get Take Pride into more hands, it could actually have a great impact and make the world of work much, much better for more people. 

And that would be something to be really proud of. 

Thank you.


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