Take Pride: how to build organisational success through your people

By Sheila Parry

A fresh approach to creating outstanding organisations and successful people so that work is a better place for everyone

Friday, 14 July 2017

57 and counting

Dear Unbounders and Pride Supporters

It's just a month since I started my crowd-funding for TAKE PRIDE and I want to thank the first 57 people who have been so quick to show their support. Did you know that Henry Heinz got the idea for his "57 Varieties" slogan from a poster for 21 varieties of shoes that he saw on the streets of New York in 1896? 

I love American pop art, and last week I was lucky enough to visit the National Gallery of Art in Washington and saw Roy Lichtenstein's famous Look Micky cartoon from 1961. I was there promoting the PRIDE model to an international conference of communications specialists and raising the profile of my book project in the US market. They've invited me back next year, so I definitely need the book to take with me!

Please share my link far and wide so I can make this happen, and thank you again for all your support.


Sheila Parry



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