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A fresh approach to creating outstanding organisations and successful people so that work is a better place for everyone

The business case for building pride at work is compelling. It delivers higher performance, builds brand reputation and achieves customer loyalty. It increases innovation, quality, productivity and profit. It can reduce health and safety incidents, absenteeism and staff attrition. Individuals derive huge personal benefits from meaningful work too. Those who are more fulfilled at work tend to achieve more and they lead happier and healthier lives. Yet, in the UK, only one in three employees say they love their jobs and as many don't give a damn. This book aims to change that statistic.

Take Pride launches the PRIDE model, a philosophy and a methodology to make work better for everyone. PRIDE stands for Purpose, Reputation, Integrity, Direction and Energy, all of which are key factors in driving collective and individual performance. This book is aimed at today's leaders and influencers in organisations large and small, who have the imagination to think differently about work. It invites the reader to look at work, from the dual perspectives of the organisation and the individual, and then apply some proven methods that will make a huge impact on their employees’ lives.

People who apply the PRIDE model will create an authentic and energetic workplace where people understand and share purpose and direction, where they want and are able to contribute, and where they know they are valued. I am passionate about making work a great place to be for the majority, not the minority, and have written this book for smart people who want to make a difference in their organisation and can take the idea to scale.

TAKE PRIDE is the result of almost forty years of positive experience at work, loving what I do and helping others do the same.

In my twenties and thirties, I had the best time at work as an Account Director with two small entrepreneurial companies, Yellowhammer Advertising and Jobson Publishing, which were run by dynamic founder-owners. I learned a lot of great business lessons there, and knew that at some point I wanted to recreate that pace and passion in a creative business of my own.

In 2001, I founded, a strategic and creative consultancy that has championed excellent communications and the power of employee engagement in building successful businesses. With a team of twenty people in the UK and Germany, along with freelancers in our client markets, I have consistently delivered to some of the world’s largest employers.

In doing so, I have drawn significant experience and wisdom that goes beyond the realms of communications. From adidas to the Deutsche Post DHL Group, Mars Drinks to Siemens, Initial, Roche and Syngenta, I have developed a deep understanding of how large organisations succeed through giving and getting the best out of people.

I have spent my entire career working largely behind the scenes. TAKE PRIDE will open up my experience for entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers, so that they too can create successful organisations of their own.

I care passionately about people, about business integrity, cultural diversity and organisational resilience, and am committed to improving the world of work for everyone.

What is Purpose?

In its broadest sense, purpose is a clear articulation of the positive impact that your organisation has on society. It is more than the achievement of a revenue value or sales figure, it is greater than a single brand proposition or the specification of your products or services. It goes beyond the singular, direct experience of your customers, your employees or your shareholders. It is about the contribution your organisation makes to the world, above and beyond the immediate and demanding metrics that make up your strategic plan.

Organisations with a compelling and clearly articulated purpose are more successful in attracting and retaining staff. They are proven to have greater relationships with their customers, deliver greater shareholder value and outperform their competitors in terms of performance, productivity, longevity and culture.

As with every aspect of the PRIDE model, purpose also has a strong personal dimension. People have emotions, aspirations and dreams. Their sense of purpose is defined by their personal desires and wishes, by their needs and ambitions, at different times in different ways. People will feel a sense of Purpose inside and outside their role at work and the emphasis may change, depending on where they are in their lives, and their feelings of responsibility for themselves or others.

A statement of purpose bestows importance and significance on the everyday activities that occupy people at work. But it has to be authentic. People, generally, do not get up in the morning to fulfil a mission, to save the world, or to implement a strategy. They get up in the morning because someone needs them to do something and they are driven to do it. Purpose feeds into that drive and creates a positive energy, so that - at best - employees come to work not only because they are being paid, but also because the organisation’s purpose appeals to their higher values and emotions, and they are committed to their role within it.

And herein lies the business case. When people can fulfil their own ambitions and at the same time identify with and share a sense of purpose with the organisation that employs them, they are more motivated, more resourceful, and are more effective in their roles. People with purpose are happier, healthier and have a high level of self-esteem.


TAKE PRIDE into 2018

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

When I gave up my day job in October 2015, to write a book, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. I got to Christmas 2016, and I really had given it my heart, and soul, and everything I had. 2017 was going to be all about finding a publisher. And so in March of this year, I fell upon Unbound, submitted my first draft and a few weeks later was taken into the fold. What a rollercoaster it…

A celebration of banned books

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I was in Hannover, Germany, last weekend but now I wish I had been in Kassel instead. Then I would have been able to get my hands on one of the 100,000 books from this stunning installation, the Parthenon of Books. The installation was part of documenta14 and intended to spark debate about censorship in literature.

As book-lovers and book-supporters, I thought you'd like to hear the story of the…

Pride in practice

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

One of the messages in my book is that people (e.g. bosses) who are trying to motivate other people (e.g. their employees) need to take the time to get to know them as people first. That means working out what matters to them, what might give them a sense of purpose, what will energise them, and what it might take to make them feel proud.

This week has been a real living lesson for me of what…

57 and counting

Friday, 14 July 2017

Img 5048

Dear Unbounders and Pride Supporters

It's just a month since I started my crowd-funding for TAKE PRIDE and I want to thank the first 57 people who have been so quick to show their support. Did you know that Henry Heinz got the idea for his "57 Varieties" slogan from a poster for 21 varieties of shoes that he saw on the streets of New York in 1896? 

I love American pop art, and last week…

Crowd funding begins

Friday, 19 May 2017

I am very excited to have joined the Unbound community of authors and to be starting my crowd funding. Thanks so much for your early support and please drop back here for future updates.

Sheila Parry

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