Pop Stars in My Pantry

By Paul Simper

A memoir of pop folk and clubbing in the 1980s (Formerly known as Just Got Lucky: My Life in Pop)

Monday, 21 March 2016

End of wk 3: Photo booth Visage

This is photo booth me '81 in Cardiff. I'd started my NCTJ course at the South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education on Colchester Avenue and discovered that if you asked nicely one of the hairdressing students would give you a free hair styling. I'm not quite sure what I was going for here - somewhere between Ultravox and The Skids, I think. Myself, Gary Hurr and Jane Moore had just started going to the New Romantic club, Lloyd's by the station. 50p to get in. I was that 50p New Romantic.

A slower week this week on the funding front but we have made it past 50% so thank you all. I will continue to post an archive snap a day until we hit 100% so hopefully that'll keep folk entertained - and if they're hating it maybe they'll pledge to make it stop!

Bye for now,




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