Pop Stars in My Pantry

By Paul Simper

A memoir of pop folk and clubbing in the 1980s (Formerly known as Just Got Lucky: My Life in Pop)

Monday, 14 March 2016

End of week 2

The end of week two and blimey the old pledge-o-meter (I'm hearing the Countdown theme as it ticks round) tells me we've (you've) almost doubled the total to a stonking 43%. Thank you all so much.

So what else has been happening on the Just Got Lucky front? Mostly it's been me sifting through more archive photos to provide a bit of daily entertainment for everyone and to keep the Pledge Express going full steam ahead. I am feeling a little like an X Factor finalist (Rhydian?) on the campaign bus as I bang the Just Got Lucky drum so don't be too surprised if you see me on YouTube doing a Slippry Feet medley round the back of Lidl.

As for the Pop Shit Under the Stairs, the Bananarama flyer of Jacquie O's East Grafton village fete opening has been snaffled. As has No.1's Pepsi & Shirlie cover with priceless (ish) plastic key ring cover mount.

The Pop Vinyl Under the Stairs bumper pledge will soon be upon us - so high alert for Prince, Michael & Janet Jackson fans and those partial to a bit of Take That - and then for Mrs Simper fans there is something extra special coming up!!

I was with Mrs S yesterday and she's been busy signing items for your pledges. Naturally she is totally taking this all in her stride that there's a demand for signed cardboard cut-outs of her head.

Finally, writing-wise we're still in Chapter 10 and things have definitely gone a bit wiggy - indeed positively ecstatic - since Sade in New York. 1986 is going to be quite a year.

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Adriano Cristino
 Adriano Cristino says:

Yes lots of SADE in the volume please since you were one of the first guy to interview Her Majesty! And photos too please!!!!! Adriano

posted 15th March 2016

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