30 Years ago today Whambley...and Bonus '80s George interview

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Who can forget that glorious Wham! farewell in front of 72,000 on Saturday June 28th at Wembley stadium? Clearly in my diary I was fairly excited about it...

It was the culimation of a perfect Wham! week. On the Monday they played the first of two sweaty, first come, first served nights at the Brixton Academy for Help A London Child. Tuesday, The Edge of Heaven – their four track EP with nods to the past, a remixed Wham Rap and the future, the stripped back Prince-like Battlestations – went straight to No.1. Wednesday, George celebrated his 23rd birthday. Thursday, they performed their final Top of the Pops, complete with leather tassel jackets and some fantastically improbable Andrew guitar solos. Friday, The Tube special, Wham Wrap, gliding up and down the Seine with Paula Yates in full flirt mode. 

Which brings us to Chapter 15: It'll Be All Polite On The Night, the year of Whambley, '86, and the year of Faith, '87. No.1 mag did a massive two parter with George when I Want Your Sex came out and I had a feeling that my 75 min interview at Blake's hotel had been used in its entirety. Pleasingly on listening to it again there's about 1500 words that never made it into print with George on monogamy, trips to Vegas, nicking Andrew's jacket, the Last Christmas video hair problem, his meeting with Michael Jackson, his thoughts on Prince's Sign O The Timesalbum and why he was still going to vote Labour. So plenty to be getting on with...

Bye for now,


PS Here's a bit of that Wham Wrap special for those who haven't seen it in a while. 

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Sebastiano Maziol
Sebastiano Maziol says:

Can't wait to read the bonus George interview :-)

June 28, 2016

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