Pop Stars in My Pantry

By Paul Simper

A memoir of pop folk and clubbing in the 1980s (Formerly known as Just Got Lucky: My Life in Pop)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

100% FUNDED!!!

Hi Shedders,
Blimey, we got there - and quicker than ever I could have hoped! Thank you all so much for your tweets and shares and likes and of course your massively generous pledges which drove Just Got Lucky past the finishing post.

So....what now? Obviously I'm writing the damn thing. There's an excerpt recounting my first Wham! encounters and the start of Spandaumania already up on Unbound and another of my early exploits with Bananarama and their visit to Mrs Simper's in the latest Jun/July issue of Classic Pop.

Over the next few months I'll keep you posted on my progress on all fronts - the writing, the design, the photos. There may even be the odd musical treat and quite possibly a bit more Pop Shit from Under the Stairs. 

For the benefit of any interested mates who haven't pledged yet but would still like to get involved, people can still support the book and get their name in the special first edition right up till publication. 

But for now, thank you all again. And here's a bonus pic of myself playing gooseberry on a No.1 Blind Date with George & Keren, 1983. Photo by Fraser Gray. 

Simps xxx

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