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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

shop in space

hey partners!

welcome to my intergalactic kiosk on the corner, ably managed by myself, Gertie Pogue, and assistant, Maura Tone. It's great to see you all here, and I hope plenty more. I only wish I could supply a balsa wood hang glider with painted-on markings for the boys and maybe a charm bracelet for the ladies, if that's not out of date in these times, but i haven't got any anyway as, you see, times are tough - however, hope you're all feeling goood, keep them bits of support going - much appreciated.

x thanks

gertie and all the gang at the shop on the corner of space and time x.


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Eugene Mc Cabe
 Eugene Mc Cabe says:

Will you be delivering them yourself on the wee black bike?

posted 21st January 2021

Susan Doyle
 Susan Doyle says:

Looking forward- I’m not far away - Enniskillen

posted 21st January 2021

Michael Gorman
 Michael Gorman says:

This is my first time to sail solo across the Atlantic.

posted 22nd January 2021

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