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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Naked Nudies As Nature Intended

When I was living in London myself, and Lord knows now that that's neither today nor yesterday, there was nothing I liked better than a nice penny bun and a cup of Brooke Bond on The Strand, in Lyons's Corner House - followed by a trip out to The Paperback Centre in Stockwell to pick up my weekly copy of Naked Nudies As Nature Intended, which 'Pop' Mc Gurran (himself a native of Currabawn, not far from Una's in fact if you're going by the Kilkenny Road).

Which I always preferred to read by myself, knowing only too well that if that sister of mine Maura Tone clapped her eyes on it for a second that that would be that - especially with the feature on Johnny Weismuller, who as you know played Tarzan in the films.

Anyway, that's that.


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