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Friday, 5 November 2021

Booker T. & The M.G's speak out about POGUMAHONE.

Hi guys,

You might remember out top hit from the sixties enttitled TIME IS TIGHT.

Well it is for POGUEMAHONE - midnight on NOV 7, in fact!

So,come on folks - let's mix some metaphors and bury this project in a blaze of glory!

O-and the AUTHOR says A BIG THANKS to you all!!!


(Nothing to do with the 'prize' people.)

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Patrick McCabe
 Patrick McCabe says:

I was a big fan of 'cool concise reggae' as performed by this band-but I'm afraid the last book I read was 'Die,You Suckers!'.about detectives and blondes and that type of thing so its unlikely I will be digging deep on this occasion.But good luck all the same-o,and if you see my sister Bernadette please say hello, she works in Kilburn,I think in a shop.

posted 5th November 2021

Eugene Mc Cabe
 Eugene Mc Cabe says:

Tommy Dawson says you can write nown and whiskey was too dear- even before the budget.

posted 5th November 2021

Susan Doyle
 Susan Doyle says:

Looking forward to the read.

posted 5th November 2021

Tony Sheehan
 Tony Sheehan says:

Right so!


posted 7th November 2021

John Mc Ardle
 John Mc Ardle says:

This is all very encurragin. I can write nown and I'm thinkin of startin a novel

posted 9th November 2021

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