Playing to Lose

By Ariel Anderssen

The Memoir of a Jehovah's Witness Turned Submissive BDSM Model

Sunday, 13 August 2023


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Tom Gannon
 Tom Gannon says:

I don’t think I’m the only one not getting update notification emails from Unbound at the moment, but I do not like it! This is SO EXCITING!!! A photo and story of yourself in actual print for everyone to see and read, and I’m glad the press embargo has expired now, leaving the door wide open for all manner of publicity! I suspect we don’t require the promise of a nakedy striptease and the prospect of afternoon tea/a custom video to post lovely reviews of your book, but those are incentives if I’ve ever heard one! :-D

posted 13th August 2023

Tony Cooper
 Tony Cooper says:

I am with Tom. I got my paperback last week (signed hardback still to come)and am devouring it. One problem. Every time I put it down, Mrs. Cooper pinches it and is engrossed! Someting of a literary tug-o'-war in the Cooper household.
Great fun and SO exciting. Brava Jossy!!!

posted 14th August 2023

Emma Jane Bonham
 Emma Jane Bonham says:

That's wonderful, and the first of many I'm sure! xx

posted 14th August 2023

Adrian Midgley
 Adrian Midgley says:

I generally assume anything in the Daily Mail is wrong, or if actually correct presented to confuse, mislead and enrage. But I'll have a look and hope.
I suggest carefully not reading any of the comments in the Mail Online, they are if possible a bit worse than our own home-grown {mailreaders}

posted 14th August 2023

martyn nichols
 martyn nichols says:

Yes, agree,a balanced review for once in the MOS - a bit of a surprise over my sunday breakfast. So tucking away the magazine for the future - you never know you might end up doing a signing in my neck of the woods. So far loving the book - a couple of chapters in at the moment.

posted 14th August 2023

Donald Meyer
 Donald Meyer says:

Congratulations! Publicity is every author's dream, and will surely increase the book sales. :-)
Anxious for my copy to make it to this side of the pond, will certainly leave a review!

posted 16th August 2023

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