Playing to Lose

By Ariel Anderssen

The Memoir of a Jehovah's Witness Turned Submissive BDSM Model

Thursday, 22 December 2022

The Copy Edit!!!

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Emma Jane Bonham
 Emma Jane Bonham says:

Are you down the pub?

posted 23rd December 2022

Peter Gordon
 Peter Gordon says:

Release something already

posted 23rd December 2022

Rodney Birch
 Rodney Birch says:

Thank you for keeping us in the picture. It's great that you are enjoying the process and feeling so positive about telling your story. I'm so looking forward to reading it!

posted 23rd December 2022

Peter Gordon
 Peter Gordon says:

A unedited book is better than no book. Disappointed.

posted 23rd December 2022

Kaoru Nakashima
 Kaoru Nakashima says:

happy holidays, and happy new year, glad your book is coming along nicely,well done you.

posted 23rd December 2022

Jeff Stratford
 Jeff Stratford says:

So glad you are still enjoying the book process and really looking forward to its publication. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

posted 23rd December 2022

David Hoult
 David Hoult says:

Merry Christmas, really looking forward to the book..

posted 24th December 2022

Richard Sharman
 Richard Sharman says:

Happy Christmas to you and Hywel. The New Year will at least be good in one way since we all get to read your book. Many thanks for your work.

posted 24th December 2022

Ariel Anderssen
 Ariel Anderssen says:

Hello everyone! Emma; yes I was! I mean, it's a hotel, but I was in the bar. I was drinking tea for two, all by myself.

Rodney, thank you, I love the process!

Kaoru, thank you!

Jeff, thank you; it is such an interesting learning journey.

Thank you David!

Happy Christmas and New Year to you too, Richard.

All the best everyone, Ariel :)

posted 31st December 2022

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