Playing to Lose

By Ariel Anderssen

The Memoir of a Jehovah's Witness Turned Submissive BDSM Model

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Proofreading and Bras

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Tom Gannon
 Tom Gannon says:

It does seemed perfectly poetic to be shooting with Eric whilst you’re proofreading the part of your book about Eric! And I think that everyone looks back at their younger self with some degree of dislike and hate because we’ve all done stupid things that we wish we hadn’t in hindsight. However we were young and naive and, probably, stupid back then, so we should also allow ourselves some understanding.

posted 21st February 2023

Donald Necessary
 Donald Necessary says:

So exciting! You in America and the book is nearing publication! I promised a copy to another ex-JW and she keeps asking "have I gotten the books yet?". You motivate me to get to work on my own memoirs but there are too many models to draw and episodes to watch of yours! LoL

posted 21st February 2023

Mark Taylor
 Mark Taylor says:

I think now you’re officially a model/author! Congratulations!

posted 21st February 2023

karl fagan
 karl fagan says:

Looking amazing Ariel. Btw, who is the dog who appears briefly in the background?

posted 22nd February 2023

Ariel Anderssen
 Ariel Anderssen says:

Thank you Tom, that is a very good point!

Ahhh I very much hope your ex-JW friend will enjoy the book Donald!

Thank you Mark!

Karl, thank you! That's Eric's dog, Lucy. She doesn't 100% trust me yet; she is a very cautious animal.

posted 23rd February 2023

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