Playing to Lose

By Ariel Anderssen

The Memoir of a Jehovah's Witness Turned Submissive BDSM Model

Saturday, 10 June 2023


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Tom Gannon
 Tom Gannon says:

I am so excited to see what the PR people do with your book!! And I am very envious of our German friends because, even though I’m getting the book, I want one of those flyers myself! That feels like an excellent way to publicise your book and I’m glad you’ve already had more pre-orders since handing some of them out. Not long to go now!

posted 12th June 2023

Peter Gordon
 Peter Gordon says:

When will I get the ebook version?

posted 12th June 2023


Du meine Güte! Die Leute können zusehen, wie unsere unterwürfige Lieblingshausfrau gefesselt wird!

(Thank you, Google Translate.)

posted 12th June 2023

Donald Necessary
 Donald Necessary says:

Can't wait to get my copies in the mail! Will we get notification when they ship?

posted 12th June 2023

Mike Archer
 Mike Archer says:

Will there be an audio book read by you?

posted 13th June 2023

Allan Aspinall
 Allan Aspinall says:

Would love to have one of the flyers for my records

posted 14th June 2023

Kaoru Nakashima
 Kaoru Nakashima says:

that is so cool, didnt know abaut this convention, lerning lots of thing her, love that you are taking us with to the jorny of making a bock, im ecited, to have the bock in my hand^-^

posted 15th June 2023

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