Playing to Lose

By Ariel Anderssen

The Memoir of a Jehovah's Witness Turned Submissive BDSM Model

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Almost Time To Do Reviews!

I am very excited about the 24 hour challenge, starting 24th August, to get 50 Amazon reviews for Playing To Lose. So excited, that two of us had to tell you about it. Please do join in! I'm interested to find out if reviews open at midnight tonight or not! 

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Donald Meyer
 Donald Meyer says:

That was wonderfully done! LOL!

Book arrived for me (USA West Coast) last week, and enjoying it immensely.

I am also now feeling a twinge of regret at shutting down my Twitter account, sigh.

Any chance of the photo set being posted on Mastodon? he asked hopefully, but with the full understanding that this may not be the best point in your life to set up a new social media account. :-)

posted 23rd August 2023

Tom Gannon
 Tom Gannon says:

This is my favourite video ever.

posted 24th August 2023

Jessica Ive
 Jessica Ive says:

Bwahaha!!! Sorry I'm banned from leaving amazon reviews else I totally would have x

posted 25th August 2023

Allan Aspinall
 Allan Aspinall says:

I very much doubt you will get much sleep with the level of excitement and anxiety you must be feeling.

Sure the 50 reviews won't be an issue as the book is an amazing read.

posted 29th August 2023

Chad Boykin
 Chad Boykin says:

Already reviewed on Amazon, cheers!

posted 29th August 2023

Dave Levingston
 Dave Levingston says:

Unfortunately I just received this message today, August 29. I did leave a review on the 24th though.

posted 29th August 2023

martyn nichols
 martyn nichols says:

Yes, seems to have been a bit of a lag on getting this message - received it today - although also already left review on the 24th on amazon - although that review took untill the 28th to appear

posted 29th August 2023


I love the fun video. I'll be leaving an Amazon review soon. Unfortunately, the email only arrived today.

posted 29th August 2023

Jeff Stratford
 Jeff Stratford says:

That was hilarious.

posted 29th August 2023

Kaoru Nakashima
 Kaoru Nakashima says:

29 ,a bit late but i allredy wrote a review on the 24. took like 2 days to be approved, didn't know they do that, , i really enjoy your the writing

posted 29th August 2023

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