Plant Powered

By Adam Stansbury

How to Transform Your Body and Our Planet

Friday, 22 February 2019

Stay Calm We've Hit 22%

I say we, because this project is no longer just about me and my book but is now made up of a Team of supporters that are driving it forward.

"There's no i in Team"

My book is now 22% more likely to be published than when I began, and so I thank all supporters from the heart of my bottom, for all your generous pledges, it really means the world to me that you have all believed enough in me and the message I'm spreading to put your hard earned cash on the table.

As this is my first project update I wanted to make it a special one. So two weeks ago I recorded a couple of sections from the book, including the excerpt that is live on the project page, at a sound studio in London, with one of my dear friends Mark (also a pledgee thanks Mark!)

It's approximately 16 minutes long so the perfect length for the commute or maybe whilst enjoying an afternoon brew.

I just wanted to say that this can't happen without you guys so once again thank you so much and it would also be a massive help if you could share the project link across social media channels mentioning that you have made a pledge yourself, as this helps generate more traffic to the page than just myself saying how good the book is going to be!

Thanks again and Plant Power




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