By Ryan Weeks

Pimple is the tale of a new app – an Uber for the sex trade – and of the disruption that its rise to prominence causes to the lives of London’s prostitutes and pimps

Monday, 20 February 2017

The promised land (100%!)

Pimple is now fully funded! My most emphatic thanks to everybody who has supported the campaign, whether via likes, shares or pledges. The book will soon enter into the next phase of its metamorphosis: Unbound's editorial/production process. I'll be spending the coming days/weeks whipping the final manuscript into shape, and will be keeping you all posted. 

Remember (in case anybody asks) that the campaign - whilst fully funded - is still live, and can be used as an avenue for pre-ordering a copy of the finished product. 

All the best and many, many thanks again, 


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