By Ryan Weeks

Pimple is the tale of a new app – an Uber for the sex trade – and of the disruption that its rise to prominence causes to the lives of London’s prostitutes and pimps

Monday, 22 May 2017

Long overdue update

Hello lovely Unbounders,

A long overdue update from me. Pimple continues to surge towards publication, despite the best efforts of the universe (my laptop was recently stolen, resulting in a month of lost editing (possibly my fault rather than the universe's for not having backed up)). ANYWAY, I'm currently in stage two of the editorial process. The independent editor who was appointed by Unbound (Donna) has been brilliant, and the book is a great deal stronger for her input. I don't have a publication date confirmed as yet, but it feels like we're getting closer. 

In the meantime, I'm reminded of a line from the book itself (which seems to have survived the editorial process):

There was, as ever there is, work to be done.

Much love, 


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