By Ryan Weeks

Pimple is the tale of a new app – an Uber for the sex trade – and of the disruption that its rise to prominence causes to the lives of London’s prostitutes and pimps

Thursday, 9 February 2017

100+ supporters!

Pimple has now topped 100 supporters! The 100% mark looms... Huge thanks once again to all those who have backed the book so far. It means a great deal to me. 

I must admit that my monitoring of the campaign's progress has become borderline obsessive-compulsive. If Unbound has seen a recent surge in web traffic, I claim sole responsibility. I wanted to share another very short snippet and thought a brief description of my detective (Warren) attempting to leave his place of work might fit the bill... 

Warren realised that he was standing, and that he was facing the cupboard. It was now 10:21pm. He then resolved to embark upon the long and arduous journey that would culminate in his leaving of the station. Reaching that point was no simple task for the detective.

The switches had to be tended to first, and often they were tended to twice, for he was rarely able to assure himself that he had satisfactorily seen to them at the first time of trying. They had to be turned off at the wall, irrespective of whether the plug sockets to which they were linked were occupied. But those that were occupied were undeniably the more troubling. It was unfeasible, for instance, that the radio in the kitchen should spend the night on standby mode. All of the blinds had to be drawn. Every one of the doors had to be closed until they clicked shut. The doors that ought to be locked were double-checked. 

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