Picture This

By Tobsha Learner

A literary thriller set in the art world of New York

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Picture this: the making of the video

 First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all those who have pledged so far and to those who will in the future, this is my first crowd-funding venture and I feel like a virgin, in terms of the UK the interesting challenge about 'PICTURE THIS' is that it is outside of the box of the way traditional publishers perceive me, in that it's set in contemporary times, it has at the centre of it a youngish female protagonist and marries the three other genres I'm best known for - the historical fiction, the political thrillers and the erotica. The notion of direct marketing.

Therefore making a video that explained all of the above to my current readers and to the future readers was challenging. I decided to tell the story of the novel whilst transforming into characters (or 'like' characters) from the book itself (As one of the characters is a 24 stone African-American woman in her late sixties - Latisha - one of my favourites) this wasn't always possible but you get the picture... I also wanted to give the subtle impression that the video might be something the heroine - Suzie - an video instillation artist - might have made herself (although I had zero budget!!). I had made a similiar style video for my web-site a while back describing the range of themes/genres I write, so I drew on that experience and brought in a man I'd acted and performed with in the past, George Huxley, to help style and be an outside eye.   

The novel itself promises to be a compelling (and racy) study of the art world in that particular golden moment, between 9/11 and the economic crash of 2008, it is also a study of sexual obsession, greed and the drive to create. 


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