Picture This

By Tobsha Learner

A literary thriller set in the art world of New York

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Paperback edition

Hi, so finally the paperback edition of PICTURE THIS is launched on Amazon.co.uk. It looks fantastic, I'm really pleased with both the quality of the design and book as well as the editorial input from the editor Unbound supplied Jamie Groves.  For those who enjoy a book in hand I really recommend the paperback.(Also pick it up earlier - 1st edition!!).

It already has four and half stars on Amazon, but more reviews the better! I know the erotic aspects might be a little confrontational for some of my readers, but it is carefully woven into the actual plot and charactisation and is cerainly not the main thrust (pun intended) of the actual narrative.

PICTURE THIS - is really a racy thriller  more than erotic fiction, so if you're a thriller reader it will appeal. Enjoy!



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