Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Walkies down memory lane

Here’s a little something you might have already guessed: we love dogs. Adore them, in fact. There; we said it. But while this might not come as the greatest of all surprises, dogs have always been part of our lives – and they’ve shaped them for the better.

Now, as anyone who has grown up with dogs will attest; canine companions fill your lives with stories. Whether that’s because of the time they once jumped into a muddy river and had to be rescued by an extremely dashing and handsome bystander, or because they peed on the rug every time you tried to play Chopsticks on the piano.

Thanks to these stories, Sam has just been published in Memoirist (an online literary magazine).

Sam’s article has given us the chance to go for quick W-A-L-K down memory lane – and dig out some classic photographs of the (very good) dogs we grew up with.

Here you have our lab-collie cross, Layla, teaching Rosie and our sisters some new tricks. You’ve also got Sam trying to make our Border Terrier pup, Whisper, insta-famous in the days before insta.

The good news is; there are MORE OF THESE PHOTOS AVAILABLE. Which means we can share more whenever we hit future crowdfunding milestones.

And, so, that is the segue that brings us unto our final key point of this update. We’ve just gone over the 80% barrier, which is obviously AMAZING. But it also means we still have almost 20% to go.

As our supporters, you have already done so much to help make this book a reality; but if there’s any way you can upgrade your pledge or add an extra reward to your shopping basket, that would be beyond incredible.

Of course, the other huge way you can help us is by telling your friends and family about our book - sending a direct link to ‘Philosophers’ Dogs’ to people you think might like it (e.g. over Whatsapp/email) can make a massive difference. If everyone who has pledged can find one person they know and convince them to pre-order a copy, we’ll reach our funding target in no time.

Thank you, all, so much for your support. With your help we know we can do our dogs proud.  


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