Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Small steps; big strides

Philosophical canine greetings amigos! 

It is still early days in our crowdfunding journey but Rosie and I are so pleased to announce that we have just hit 10% of our crowdfunding target to make 'Philosophers' Dogs' a reality. And we've done that before the end of the first week (heck, even before the COP on Friday so we've still got oodles of time to get this figure even higher!)

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has pledged so far - you are all the most fabulous, wonderful, exceptionally excellent people.

This journey to publication is very much a marathon; not a sprint, and we're both so grateful and feeling incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of supporters behind us already. It genuinely means the world to both of us and hitting the 10% mark early on fills us with hope that we really will soon be able to start spreading THE TRUTH about the philosophers dogs that we owe so much to. 

That feeling where your dreams just moved a little closer to becoming a reality is such a sweet one and something to savour, and we want to share this with you, too. So, please take this attached photo of Sam's dog, Reg, (taken candidly while wearing his professor of philosphy glasses) as both a token of our gratitude and also as a sign of celebration at hitting this first (and, admittedly, very very small) milestone.

(p.s. did you know you can come on a philosophical dog walk with me and Reg through the rewards on offer through Unbound? Now you do - why not tell your friends?) 

By the way; we're really serious about you telling your friends. The book can only be made if enough people pledge to support it - so please do go out and spread the word to friends, family, dog lovers and philosophy students. Just think of some of the questions that may otherwise go unanswered: 

'Can anyone truly know who ate that slice of chocolate cake you left on the counter?'

'Why are some tennis balls real; and others not?' 

'What does it *really* mean to give your paw?' 

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. More canine quandaries coming your way soon, as we hit further milestones/achievements! 

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