Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Publication Day!

Well friends - the day is finally here! Three years since we launched our campaign, we are absolutely overjoyed to announce that today is officially the publication day of our book, 'Philosophers' Dogs'!

It's an incredible feeling to have reached this moment, as it is genuinely a dream come true for both of us. But we could never have got here without you. So, firstly, we'd like to take this opportunity to express our overwhelming gratitude to every single person (human and canine) who helped make this book a reality. Every single one of the 369 of you absolutely brilliant, fantastic, superlative-defying folk are our absolute heroes, and you have our infinite thanks and love. 

Our book is now available through all good bookstores (physical and online), from Amazon and Waterstones, through to Foyles, Blackwells, and WH Smith (and many more). 

That in itself is a pretty incredible sentence to type. Again - its all thanks to you fantastic folk. 

Many of you have already received your copies. Signed copies and other rewards will be winging their way through to you to land on your doorsteps very soon. Please do sign into your Unbound accounts to check your delivery details are correct and up-to-date, and you can contact Unbound's customer services directly, too. 

Now, you have all already done so much, but we do have a few final, small requests. 

Firstlyplease do send us/the internet pictures of you with your books. We've received a few pictures in action with humans and canines alike and they are absolutely magical to see - so please do keep them coming. It also massively helps with the old social media game (so important, these days). 

Secondly, if you are able, a short book review on places like Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones would be amazing. They massively help new books (and the people behind them) get recognised, so please do leave one if you can. 

And finally, when you next come into contact with a four-legged friend of the canine variety, please remember to give them all the belly scritches and strokes and other treats they deserve. Dogs have a lot of philosophical wisdom to teach us in return, after all. 

Above, you can see a sneak peak of the finished book. In real, actual life. Remember: you made this happen; and you all have your names in the back to prove it. 

Thank you all, so much, once again. This is what it's all about. 


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