Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Friday, 23 April 2021

Philosophers' Dogs secures major international book deal

Good news, friends!

As each day brings us closer to PUP-lication day in October this year, we’re delighted to share some excellent news from the world of our philosophical dogs.

Our brilliant publishers, Unbound, have secured a deal for Chinese Simplified Rights with leading Chinese publisher, Beijing Standaway Books Co (BSBC).

For the uninitiated, that means BSBC have bought the right to print our book, Philosophers’ Dogs in Chinese language, and distribute it throughout China for the next five years.

Beijing Standaway Books Co. will deliver an initial print run of 8,000 copies, published by the end of 2022.

We appreciate that’s a little way away – but we couldn’t resist sharing this excellent news with you now; as it’s a great sign to have such interest from international publishers so quickly.

For now, Rosie and the Unbound design team are putting the finishing touches to our front cover designs, and with spring in the air here in the UK, we’re going for walkies with a big spring in our steps.

Thanks again – as always – for your incredible, ongoing support. We can’t wait to celebrate further Philosophers’ Dogs news and milestones with you soon.


Hope you appreciate our choice of image for today's news bulletin; pictured you'll find actual live scenes from dogs celebrating the news that word of our fluffy philosophical is truly going global. 

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Ewan Lawrie
 Ewan Lawrie says:

"as it’s a great sign to have such interest from international publishers so quickly."

You mean "at all"! Very well done!

posted 23rd April 2021

James Dodson
 James Dodson says:


posted 24th April 2021

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