Philosophers' Dogs

By Samuel Dodson and Rosie Benson

All philosophers stole their ideas from their dogs.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year...

You've noticed it already, haven't you? Halloween has come and gone and they're already stocking mince pies and chocolate snowmen in the stores - perhaps even putting up sparkling fairy lights in town. There's something in the air and it's not just the snap chill of winter... 

That's right, Christmas is just around the corner and, while many folk are starting to plan their office Christmas party, others are already turning their attention to present lists and Christmas shopping...

Which is where we come in

'Philosophers' Dogs' is over 60% funded thanks to you absolutely tremendous folk; and we're just a few pledges away from reaching the two-thirds funded mark (at which point, we'll be gifting all our supporters an Xmas present of our own, by releasing another exclusive extract from the book for you all to read). 

Your support is really the greatest Christmas present Rosie and I could ask for - but we're also here to ask you to consider supporting the book again, so as to get the book - or one of our other rewards (postcards, art prints, and original 'paw-traits') - as a pressie for someone you know. 

What greater gift for the book lover in your life than their name in the back of the book that will be stocked in bookstores across the country? 

What better prezzie for the dog owner than a personalised 'paw-trait' of your pooch, drawn in the style of our book? 

And just imagine the look on your philosopher friend's face than the knowledge that everything they knew about philosophy was built on a single untruth - and it was dogs; not humans, who are responsible for some of the greatest philosophical thought ever considered! 

So, please, if you can, do help us get to the next and final stage of funding by buying your FUR-iends a unique Christmas present from one of our rewards/pledge-levels on offer. 

Thank you so much, and good cheer to all humans (and, more importantly, dogs). 

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