The Philosopher Queens

By Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting

A book about women in philosophy by women in philosophy

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Publication date, supporters list, and text and cover design

Hello wonderful supporters. We can't believe there are now 955 of you!

We thought it was time to give you an update on the exciting goings-on of the team behind The Philosopher Queens. Our biggest announcement is that our publication date has been brought forward from August to 11th June 2020! You will therefore receive your copies in good time for summer holiday reading.

Although this may still seem a while away, we promise you that everything between now and then is going into making the book as perfect as possible. This does mean that the supporters list will be closing around the end of August, so if you know people who have been meaning to pledge, they may want to do so soon. We would love to get to 1,000 supporters before the book goes to press because every new pledge helps Unbound persuade bookshops that The Philosopher Queens is worthy of a spot on their shelves.

In other exciting developments, we are now into the text and cover design stages! When these are ready to share, we will be sending you all a sneak peek.

Lastly, thank you again for your continuous support for our project. This time a year ago TPQ was only a dream in our heads and it is only thanks to you that is has become real.

Much love

Lisa and Rebecca


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