Perfect Organism

By Andy Kelly

An Alien: Isolation Companion

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

The Final Stretch


Just a quick update to say that Perfect Organism is nearing completion. The finished manuscript will be winging its way over to Unbound at the end of March.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the final product when it lands on your doorstep. As a journalist I wrote a lot of deep dives into video games, but never anything on this scale. It's been an experience!

I still love Alien: Isolation, even after spending months painstakingly exploring every corner of it for this book, and I hope I've done it and its creators justice.


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matthew pfeiffer
 matthew pfeiffer says:

Awesome! Absolutely cannot wait!

posted 31st January 2023

Austin Young
 Austin Young says:

Yesssss! Can’t wait!

posted 31st January 2023

David Hiles
 David Hiles says:

Brilliant. Cannot wait! Very much looking forward to it.

posted 31st January 2023

Darren Doll
 Darren Doll says:

Super excited. Planning on having it as a companion to a fresh playthrough of the game!

posted 31st January 2023

Niels Hansen
 Niels Hansen says:

Good news! Will there be a map of the Sevastopol? It will make reading the book even more exciting. Thanks and good luck finishing the book Andy!

posted 31st January 2023

Tomas Solil
 Tomas Solil says:

No matter i have nearly 200 hours on the game, I'm still very much looking forward for this!

posted 31st January 2023

Agnes Young
 Agnes Young says:

So excited for this books release

posted 31st January 2023

Brendan Caldwell
 Brendan Caldwell says:


posted 31st January 2023

Franky Bonfanti
 Franky Bonfanti says:

Looking forward to it!

posted 31st January 2023

Jean Moschetta
 Jean Moschetta says:

Been waiting for the book to get back into this game, so looking forward to it!

posted 31st January 2023

 R M says:

Can we expect much in the way of illustrations, maps, examples of graphic design from the game etc? I guess there might be licensing reasons for not doing so, but I really hope there are at least some visuals to illustrate the text.

posted 1st February 2023

Luke Johnson
 Luke Johnson says:

Really awesome work, and thank you for your efforts. This game was very special for me as well, no movie affected me like this one and this game was an unforgettable experience.

posted 16th February 2023

Mark Case
 Mark Case says:

Hope the book is nearly finished Andy - can't wait to get my claws on a copy! Any fresh updates for us?

posted 27th March 2023

Mark Case
 Mark Case says:

Just checking in to see how the book is progressing?

posted 24th April 2023

Mark Case
 Mark Case says:

Any news on the book Andy? We are waiting with baited breath!

posted 19th May 2023

Austin Young
 Austin Young says:

Any updates for us? We’re all so excited!

posted 31st May 2023

Aaron Kaczmarczyk
 Aaron Kaczmarczyk says:

Is this dead in the water? Radio silence for a while now.

posted 10th June 2023

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