Perfect Organism

By Andy Kelly

An Alien: Isolation Companion

Monday, 12 June 2023

The Actual Final Stretch


So, in my last update I said I was on the final stretch—and I was—but then life got in the way. Writing a book while simultaneously juggling a full-time job, as well as wrestling with all the other responsibilties of being a human, has proven harder than I thought it would be. I missed my deadline, big time.

But I'm fully back in the writing zone now, and I'm hoping to get the manuscript finished in the next few weeks. I'm glad to report that I finally broke the back of the level-by-level mission guide, which involved a lot of dipping in and out of the game—as well as delving into the many Alien 'making of' books piled under my desk.

This section of the book alone is almost 40,000 words, which is the most I've ever written about a single video game by quite some margin. I'm used to writing 2,000-word articles, at most, for magazines and websites, so this has been an eye-opening (and occasionally anxiety-inducing) experience.

Anyway, apologies for the delay, and thanks for your patience. When I finally conquer this beast, I'll let you all know in another update.


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Austin Young
 Austin Young says:

This book is gonna be in-freakin’-credible

posted 13th June 2023

Joseph Luhn
 Joseph Luhn says:

Life is hard, even without putting creative pursuits on top of it. Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to seeing the final book! :)

posted 13th June 2023

Swan Levitt
 Swan Levitt says:

Fucking pumped for this, great work bro!!

posted 13th June 2023

Paul Stevens
 Paul Stevens says:

Great news keep going we’re all behind you , can’t wait to see the final creation !

posted 13th June 2023

Luke Johnson
 Luke Johnson says:

Firstly Andy, I hope your life situations are not too heavy and you're able to work through them.

Secondly, Andy. Do not rush this. You have our full support and patience I am sure. Take your time and make sure you're happy with the finished article. Remember, unlike early released games, you can't patch this later on :p

Take your time and good luck. I am really looking forward to reading your experience with this wonderful game.

posted 13th June 2023

Christian Matzke
 Christian Matzke says:

I'm so excited to read that book, and the extra time is not really an issue. I love how a 10 year old game continues to be relevant (see the recent Alien: Romulus teaser image)! Perfect Organism (the podcast) would love to catch up with you as you approach the finish line.

posted 13th June 2023

Rene Aquarius
 Rene Aquarius says:

Happy I backed this project! I'll see it when it's done. Really looking forward!

posted 13th June 2023

Brendan Caldwell
 Brendan Caldwell says:

Keep her lit, no rush!

posted 13th June 2023

matthew pfeiffer
 matthew pfeiffer says:

Yeah, definitely agree with the others - take your time and release it when it is Right.

Hoping we get to hear all about Sevastopol's safety protocols!

posted 13th June 2023

Andrew Ryan
 Andrew Ryan says:

No problem, life happens. I can wait longer to read this awesome book about an awesome game.
Good luck conquering this (star) beast. ;)

posted 13th June 2023

David Hoffman
 David Hoffman says:

Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of letting the work progress at whatever pace it needs to, so take your time. Juggling all that stuff is a lot, I know, so I hope you find a good groove to work in and only push yourself as long as it's fun to do so.

posted 13th June 2023

John Parker
 John Parker says:

As with a lot of crowdfunded projects, the quality of the end result matters way more than any delays along the way.

Don’t sweat it.

posted 13th June 2023

Jason M. Dubois
 Jason M. Dubois says:

Hey Andy, no worries about the deadline. Take your time with the problems, deal with them first. Quality takes time, and I cannot wait to read you book!

posted 13th June 2023

Tomas Solil
 Tomas Solil says:

This is gonna be awesome. Looking forward to it, a lot!

posted 13th June 2023

Michelle La Garde
 Michelle La Garde says:

The anticipation is killing me …….

posted 14th June 2023

Austin Fisher
 Austin Fisher says:

Can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this! Gonna send one of my two copies to a friend who originally recommended the game to me. Take your time, and best of luck finishing the manuscript!

posted 22nd July 2023

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