Perfect Organism

By Andy Kelly

An Alien: Isolation Companion

Saturday, 8 October 2022

Taking Shape

It's been a while since I last posted an update about Perfect Organism, so I just wanted you let you all know that I've been making good progress. I can't wait to get this thing in your hands.

This is my view this weekend. I'm locking myself indoors, drawing the curtains, and going through the whole game again, taking extensive notes and writing up the real meat of the book: a ridiculously in-depth level-by-level analysis of every mission.

Thanks again for your support. I better get back to it.


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matthew pfeiffer
 matthew pfeiffer says:

C A N N O T W A I T !

posted 12th October 2022

Jared Kellogg
 Jared Kellogg says:

Cannot believe this is actually happening. Replayed this game earlier this year out of the blue and it has only gotten more jaw dropping with age. Days after I completed it, you announced this book on Unbound! Couldn't believe the coincidence and backed it immediately. Cannot wait till it finally arrives! Take care of yourself during the writing process!:)

posted 12th October 2022

Owen Delaney
 Owen Delaney says:

Can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work. Hope it’s as enjoyable to create as I’m sure it will be for us to read! Love everything about this game :)

posted 12th October 2022

Joseph Luhn
 Joseph Luhn says:

This is exciting to see! I've been thinking about playing through the game again for the fourth time... You've just pushed me over the edge.

posted 12th October 2022

Duncan Bailey
 Duncan Bailey says:

Looks like a perfect weekend! Good luck, hope it goes well. Can’t wait to read the book!

posted 12th October 2022

Steve Smith
 Steve Smith says:

Currently playing this in VR on the PC. Taking some time as I love the detail and sound but have keep changing my underwear! Me and the cat are not talking after he jumped on me during a Xenomorph attack.

posted 12th October 2022

Nikki Duarte
 Nikki Duarte says:

I am so excited about this book! Alien Isolation is a game I return to over and over. Nice to know other people obsess over it as much as I do.

posted 12th October 2022

Austin Young
 Austin Young says:

So excited for this book!

posted 10th November 2022

Luke Johnson
 Luke Johnson says:

Really quite excited and grateful for your dedication and work on this game. It is a gem of a game, and one I will never stop playing. Good luck with the writing and have fun diving deep into the Sevastopol again :)

posted 13th December 2022

Palmer Cloud
 Palmer Cloud says:

This is easily my favorite video game of all time. I’ve played tons of great games but I don’t think about them much once I’ve completed them. I think about AI frequently though. I’ve never had a game imprint itself on my psyche so much as AI has and I am so excited for this book. Thank You Andy Kelly for putting all of this together and thanks as well to all the supporters who are helping to bring this project to reality.

posted 29th December 2022

Austin Young
 Austin Young says:

Any updates on this?

posted 5th January 2023

Niels Hansen
 Niels Hansen says:

Dear Andy, very excited. Is there a possibility to include a map of the Nostromo in your book? Would be so nice the see on paper where everything takes place. Also makes backtracking the ship more fun. Hope this will happen! Good luck with the book!

posted 14th January 2023

Niels Hansen
 Niels Hansen says:

I meant Sevastopol instead of the Nostromo, excuse me!

posted 14th January 2023

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