Pedro & Ricky Come Again

By Jonathan Meades

The best of three decades of Jonathan Meades.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Thirty-one years on from Peter Knows What Dick Likes and an evening with two Jonathans

(The original cover of Peter Knows What Dick Likes)

It’s thirty-one years since this brick was published by Paladin.

Peter Knows What Dick Likes is a now legendary collection of pieces on food, books, buildings, urban planning, landscape and art. It bristled with energy and opinions and established Jonathan Meades as an English original, a cultural arbiter, articulate to the point of mania, who carried a cosh inside his well-tailored suit pocket.

Now sixty films and several books later comes this sequel, Pedro & Ricky Come Again. It will be bigger, darker, funnier than its predecessor and just as impervious to taste and manners. There are 50 pieces covering everything from the inexcusability of nationalism and the ubiquitous abuse of the word ‘iconic’ to John Lennon’s shopping lists and the wine they call ‘Black Tower’.

Anyone who cares about (a) language or (b) culture needs more Meades in their life.

We need just 30 more pledges to reach our target, so for this week we are running an incentive, use the code RICKY before midnight on Sunday March 17, 2019 to get 10% off.

Also there are small number of premium pledges left:

There are 10 spaces left for a small discussion on slang and jargon with Jonathan and the slang-mesister himself, Jonathon Green. For £50, you get the book and a chance to meet both Jonathans at the bar afterwards. Venue and date TBC. 

There are also signed limited editions of A3 coloured prints of Pedro & Ricky Come Again's cover artwork still available 

Please do help us to share the campaign with others so we can see it reach 100% and start working on publishing it.

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