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Thirty-one years on from Peter Knows What Dick Likes and an evening with two Jonathans

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

(The original cover of Peter Knows What Dick Likes)

It’s thirty-one years since this brick was published by Paladin.

Peter Knows What Dick Likes is a now legendary collection of pieces on food, books, buildings, urban planning, landscape and art. It bristled with energy and opinions and established Jonathan Meades as an English original, a cultural arbiter, articulate to the point of mania…

Tolly Dene - A Poem

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

We wanted to say thanks for your support of Pedro and Ricky Come Again. We’re delighted to see the campaign at 83%, and a gnat’s whisker from being funded.

Please do spread the word to your friends, even your enemies, to encourage them to pledge for their own copy of the book. There are still four seats left at the table if you’d like to upgrade to the Come Again Lunch with a menu devised by Jonathan…

Publication date: March 2021
140% funded
535 backers