The Paradox Paradox

By Daniel Hardcastle

A bit Star Trek, a bit Doctor Who, and a bit fucked up.

Monday, 14 February 2022

Release Date Update

The book isn’t coming out in 2021. If that fact surprised you, then you’ve really not been paying attention.

When I launched the book in 2019, eight years ago, I thought 2021 would be a fine date to set. Couple of years away, twice as long as the last one took to write, what could possibly go wrong?


Anyway, to hell with 2021. Faeces year. Didn’t deserve The Paradox Paradox. 2022, that’s where it’s at. I’ve already written more words this year than last, and they’re all really good. Today I wrote –

“Bullshit,” said Theo, incorrectly.

That cracking sound is me knocking it out of the park (1).

Although… well, you know that bit in Back to the Future, where Doc is trying to plug the cables together before the DeLorean reaches him, and those damn cables keep separating? Well writing a time travel story is like that, only there are five hundred cables, all tangled like headphones in a tumble dryer. You tug on one bit, and another pops out somewhere in the heap. 

It’s maddening. Enormous fun, but maddening. Nothing has popped out for a while though, which should seem comforting, but it feels more like that quiet bit before a jump scare in a horror movie. Either it’s fine, or I’m about to need a change of trousers. There is no middle ground.

Another thing that needs scrubbing is the “About the Book” page here on Unbound. The synopsis has shifted quite a chunk since then, so I’ve got a much more accurate version that should be live now. I’m terrible at writing synopses, so I got my friend and, irritatingly, Doctor Who writer Ben Tedds to knock one up for me. It’s got a few more plot details for you to be teased by, and proves that at least one other person understands the plot.

The first 100 pages of The Paradox Paradox are in Unbound's hands, and they can confirm that this is a real project, and not some sort of $99 android games console on Kickstarter that’ll never see the light of day. It’s coming, but only when it’s ready. Mercifully I’m working here with Unbound, who are enormously supportive (2).

With Love.
Daniel x
(Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Actor, Action Figure, All Elite.)

(1) That’s a sports reference. No idea which one, but it tracks apparently. Last thing I knocked out of a park was a frisbee and nobody seemed pleased with me at all to be honest.
(2) If this was any other publisher, Big Gav would have been round to break my knees by now.

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Sam Redfern
 Sam Redfern says:


posted 14th February 2022

Joshua Green
 Joshua Green says:

“Bullshit,” said Theo, incorrectly.

Can't wait to find out why!

posted 14th February 2022

Samppa Alatalo
 Samppa Alatalo says:

Oh... Right... 2021 was a thing that passed already...

posted 14th February 2022

Bobby Robinson
 Bobby Robinson says:

Not Insane,
just Mentally Hilarious!

posted 14th February 2022

Dave Miller
 Dave Miller says:

That last footnote put me in mind of Douglas Adams's thoughts on deadlines.

posted 14th February 2022

Shaun Harris
 Shaun Harris says:

Even Dan's updates are fuckin hilarious

posted 14th February 2022

Theo Scarlett
 Theo Scarlett says:

"Bullshit," said Theo, incorrectly.

This confused me for a moment. Until I remembered that's a character's name.

I'm looking forward to the book though.

posted 14th February 2022

Meg S
 Meg S says:

The synopsis indeed looks quite different from how I remember it. I thought the protagonist was a woman named Kez..?

posted 14th February 2022

ICE Trance
 ICE Trance says:

Thanks for reminding me 2021 isn’t next year.

posted 14th February 2022

ICE Trance
 ICE Trance says:

Wait hang on that also means there aren’t 8 years between 2019 and 2020. Damn you calling me out like that lol

posted 14th February 2022

janiek maassen
 janiek maassen says:

I can't wait, but I know it'll be worth the wait!

posted 15th February 2022

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